Rhu Strand - Aeroplane Tutorial 

This is quite an old tutorial and pretty basic ~ I will hopefully update at some point.

Make the wings, tailpiece and any other attachments in advance from mexican paste, insert two cocktail sticks into paste where it will meet the side of the plane and leave to dry completely, 

I have made this cake in a cartoon style, so have over emphasised certain elements of the plane - the front for example, I've shortened the plane and made it chunky.  Keeping to this styly create three templates, one for the side, one for the top and one for the bottom, use card for the bottom template.  Cut and shape according to the template starting with the side view, then the top, sit the cake onto the bottom template which will also act as the base board.

Use excess cake to build up height, cut nose down towards base-board and start to round off into nose shape.

  • Cover cake in buttercream and chill for about 20 - 30 mins until buttercream has hardened
  • Add a second layer and chill again
  • Smooth over buttercream with a hot wet knife
  • Roll out fondant to a similar shape and drape over the cake

  • Quickly tuck in and smooth fondant in, around and under the nose of the plane
  • Smooth and tuck in around the rest of the plane
  • Cut off excess

Add wings, which can be rested onto the 'engines' and decorate as desired.

Important Notice

Please fell free to share this page, but please do not use the images and text to create your own tutorial in any other form without prior permission from Rhu ~ Thank you

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