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Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake

I have used a 6” maderia cake for this project.

You will need

Cake ~ at least 3” deep


Orange Sugarpaste ~ enough to cover cake to your liking

Green sugarpaste ~ stalk and tendrils

Black sugarpaste with cmc or similar added ~ spider and bat

Black flowerpaste ~ bats wings

cocktail sticks

Edible glue

Card disc or similar

Sharp knife


Dresden tool / Scriber tool


Covering the cake

  1. Split and fill the cake

  2. With the sharp knife start to carve the cake, round of the top squared edges and around the bottom, cutting in to give a softer shape ~ don't over worry about getting it right, pumpkins are all different and those slight variations will add to the effect

  3. Cut grooves in and around the sides of the cake, taking them over the top and underneath ~ again don't worry about getting it perfect, if you struggle with the placement of the grooves, think of the top of the cake as a clock face and work from there

  4. On the top of the cake, cut away a dimple to make a gentle hollow for the stalk

  5. Cut a card disc and place on the bottom of the cake using buttercream to stick it

  6. Cover the whole cake in buttercream, don't worry about filling the grooves

  7. Once covered, remove some of the excess buttercream from the grooves, you should be able to see where these are as darker or thicker area's in the buttercream

  8. Cover the cake with the orange sugarpaste, gently following the grooves in the cake

  9. Using a scriber tool or similar tuck and cut the bottom edge in and under the cake

  10. Using your finger smooth the grooves around the cake

  11. Using an appropriate tool score a circle into the top of the cake to make the 'opening'

  12. Score some lines out from the centre to give some more texture

Stalk and Tendrils

  1. With a small amount of the green sugarpaste make a cylinder shape

  2. Twisting and turning this down onto the work surface, spread out the bottom edge

  3. Cut irregular triangles into this area

  4. Score marks up the stalk and using your finger or a ball tool create a dimple into the top of the stalk

  5. Glue the stalk to the top of the cake with edible glue

  6. To make the tendrils, roll long pieces of green and twist them

Face, Bat and Spider

  1. Cut a face from the black sugarpaste ~ make up your own cute face if you want to, there are plenty of funny pumpkin faces on the internet ~ stick to the cake

  2. Bat ~ Cut some wings from black flowerpaste by cutting two triangles and using a nozzle cut the curves into them. With a ball tool soften the wings. Making sure you make a pair, put some glue down one edge of each wing, place a cocktail stick inside and turn over the edges to enclose it. Leave to dry

  3. Make the body an head from about 15g of the black sugarpaste – take a third and roll into a ball for the head, divide a pea-sized amount into two and make into tear-drop shapes, with the dresden tool create a dimple for the hollow of the ears, attach to the head. With the remaining make a cone shape ~ attach all the pieces to the side of the cake. You should find that a small amount of glue will do this, too much glue and it will slip, just enough to make it tacky or leave to go tacky

  4. Once the wings are dry insert into the back of the body

  5. Spider ~ roll four thin pieces of black flowerpaste and fold into a 'W' shape, cut in half and leave to dry

  6. Roll a pea-sized piece of black sugarpaste for the body and insert the legs

I have shaded the pumpkin with dusting powders to give more definition

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