Guest Teaching

Rhu teaching in a cake school

I always welcome enquiries about being a guest teacher, no matter where you are in the world.

I am happy to teach classes of up to 12 people to ensure each student can gain the most of each class.

I am happy to travel both within the UK and Internationally, I charge a daily rate, plus travel and accomodation if I feel it is too far to travel and teach in one day. 

I am a flexible, approachable teacher happy to discuss your particular requirements to ensure the best teaching experience for you and your customers.

What I will provide for you

  • Provide you with an equipment and material list
  • Advertise the classes on this website and other social media, including facebook and twitter
  • Teach any of the classes I already run, (please see the class list in the right hand margin) 
  • I also have a range of classes that are not always advertised on that page.  (check the slideshow below for other classes)
  • Assist in any questions you may need answering in relation to materials 
  • Bring, if appropriate and viable, any materials that may not be easily avaiable to you
  • Provide students with a 'follow-up' page on this website with notes from the class and follow-up support if needed
  • For an additional charge take class bookings via my website
  • For an additional charge tailor a class just for your venue and students

  • bride and groom workshop
    Bride and groom workshop - two days
  • Free tutorials  by Rhu
    Dressmakers dummy
  • Carved Car cake tutorial
    3D Car Carving - car of your choice, small additional charge
  • Alice on a toadstool
    Alice on a Toadstool
  • Aeroplane tutorial by Rhu
    3D Aeroplane cake (not figure) or if with figure - two day class
  • Sugarpaste high heel class
    Sugarpaste High Heels
  • Prom dress cake by Rhu
    Vintage prom dress on hanger
  • sugarpaste cake toppers
    Farm animal modelling
  • High Heels and baby trainers
    High Heels and Hi-top trainers
  • Pip, gold award winning figurine and class
    Cherry - three day workshop
  • Daisy, sugarpaste figurine and elephant
  • sugarpaste shoes by Rhu
  • sugarpaste dog modelled by Rhu
  • Carved handbag cake by Rhu
    Vintage Handbag cake carving and leopard print paint effect
  • carved car cake by Rhu
  • Introduction to modelling class
    General sugarpaste modelling skills
  • carved dinosaur cake by Rhu
    3D Dinosaurs
  • cow cake topper in sugarpaste
  • sugarpaste dress makers dummy tutorial
  • monkey bride and groom
    Unusual wedding cake toppers
  • carved car cake by Rhu
bride and groom workshop
Bride and groom workshop - two days

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